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Broaden your knowledge in Arabic language and Tajweed recitations.

With no need to leave your home, you can learn at your suitable time at so affordable prices. If you alwaya say i don’t find arabic course near me.So, we solve this problem by Arabic classes online and Tajweed courses online.

Study all the Islamic studies in a systematic, simple way

Educate yourself about the sciences of Islam including Fiqh, Aqidah, Tafseer, and eloquence.

Improve your pronunciation.

Know all the mistakes you make with the help of our native, Al Azhar-graduated teachers that will guide you through this inspiring journey.

Memorize the whole Quran

with the best native teachers, who have a license in teaching you Quran exactly the way it was revealed to Mohammed, peace upon him.

Put your kids on the right track to paradise.

We bring an interactive ambiance for your children to read and memorize Quran fluently and seamlessly.

Get the license to Learn and inspire others

Learn how to recite Quran and inspire others to be teachers and spread the message of the holy Quran over the world.

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