About Us

Fluent Arabi Is an institute pioneering in teaching Arabic to all students all over the globe, whether they’re Muslims or not. Established in 2013, this institute has arisen as one of the leading beacons that carry the message of spreading Arabic as one of the enriching, magnificent languages in the world.

Our Vision

We seek to help non-native students speak Arabic fluently and clearly. So, we’ve designed various courses for teaching you Arabic and Quran for particular and general reasons. We made our courses suitable for all ages, starting from 4 years old. Both kids and adults can find them beneficial and entertaining.

Our Misson

We aim to help non-native speakers from all over the world to learn Arabic in an interactive way that fits their level. So, we customized our various courses to meet the needs of all people.

You can find Arabic courses that teach students aspects of the language such as conversation, Grammar, reading and writing, and Arabic literature. Same with Quranic courses, including tajweed, ijaza, etc.

All courses are organized and divided into sub-levels. And you can upgrade to the next level after completing the first one and getting a certificate.

Our strategy

To achieve our vision, we built up a team of the most highly-qualified native teachers from Egypt who graduated from Al-Azhar University with a degree in the Arabic language and Islamic studies. They are also armed with a License for teaching Quran.

Besides, we developed an innovative and funny atmosphere that stimulates you to learn in private and group sessions -. Also, we leverage the recent technological tools and approaches for conveying information to make the learning process seamless.

Using quizzes, tests, and reports is crucial in our educational process for measuring your progress after each module. Be ensured we do our best to guide you through this uphill yet enjoyable path to learning Arabic.