Arabic for business online course

Online Arabic for Business Course

The world has become a small village and every day there are new opportunities appear for professionals in various fields in many countries.

If you are one of those people who have a new opportunity in the Arab world and want to take advantage of it by improving your Arabic language, then our Arabic for business course will be perfect for you.

This course is tailored for professional individuals, such as:

  • someone working in the medical field and wants to communicate better with his/ her Arab colleagues and patients in a better way
  • A person working in the field of trade and investment who would like to communicate with his/her Arab partners efficiently and professionally
  • A person working in the field of marketing or content creation and wants to learn more about the Arab market and understand the competitors
  • somebody applying for a job in the Arab world and wants to pass the interview and impress the employer

No matter what industry you are in, our Arabic for business course will help you communicate with Arab people in a confident, efficient, and professional manner.

Below you will find all the information you need about the course in addition to some helpful information about learning Arabic for business purposes.

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Arabic for business course prerequisites

As we established earlier, this course is designed for professionals, so your Arabic level should be at least intermediate; meaning you understand the Arabic alphabet and can read and write basic words.

That’s all you need besides a commitment to benefit from this Arabic for business course, our expert tutors will take care of the rest.

Note: if you are new to learning Arabic we recommend our Standard Arabic for adults course.

What makes our Arabic for business course special?

Here at Fluent Arabi institute, we truly understand the importance of learning Arabic for you that’s why we do our best to provide the best learning experience possible.

That’s why we make sure to:

  • Conduct our Arabic for business lessons in a timely manner where you can set your own study hours
  • Provide our students in this Arabic for business course with the best tutors we have with the most experience
  • Use the best techniques – like flashcards – to make the learning process easy and effective
  • conduct regular tests and quizzes to assess your performance
  • provide the ability to have Arabic for business classes online whether one-on-one or in a group
  • Provider our students with a certificate after successfully completing the course

The duration of the Arabic for business course

The period of the program is about 120 hours, which differs depending on the student’s acquisition capacity, language background, and how much he/she is passionate about learning the Arabic language.

Note: We recommend students study Arabic (3-4 times each week), so the learning journey becomes easier.

Arabic for Business Course Structure

We focus in this course on the spoken business language. So, it includes more than100 conversations about the most common situations in different places like:

  • workplaces
  • Banks
  • Universities
  • Hospitals

We also focus on conversations in interviews and the hiring process in general.

Remember that you if have any requests or you want to focus on a certain topic or skill you can always communicate that with your tutor.

You can find below some examples of the topics covered in the course:

Applying for a jobGreeting people at workJob descriptionsCorporate Departments
Presentation/ WorkshopCustomer service Relying on phone callsAppointments MeetingsBusiness success/ leadership
Marketing and sales Communicationinvestment and stock marketNegotiation & contractingE-commerce Business trip

Also, you’ll learn many grammatical rules that help your structure sentences when speaking about business subjects, including:

Questions itemsDemonstrative pronounsMuthanafeminine and masculine plural in Arabic
HamzatFuture tenseMubtada and Khabarpassive verbs in the present tense
Gazam for verbs in the present tenseAttached pronounsThe Vocative ParticleNasb for the verbs in the present tense
Active Participles in ArabicTa for femininePronouns attached to the verbs in the past tensnegation using ليس


Frequently asked questions about this course

Learning Arabic has become more rewarding in recent years. More businesses want to grow their international markets, especially in the middle east. Many Arabic countries want t recruit talent from all over the world which expands employment opportunities for many professionals who understand Arabic.

Getting a good command of the Arabic language will open many doors in 25 Arabic-speaking countries, especially in the Gulf, The UAE, and Qatar Where job and investment opportunities are constantly increasing.

According to our experts, you can develop a basic command of the Arabic language in 3 months (like any other skill) and you can carry on a simple conversation, but of course, it requires much more time to reach a fluent level. And it depends on the student’s skill, determination, and time allocation. 

Modern Standard Arabic is the best form of Arabic experts recommend to learn. It is the most widely spoken and written form of Arabic in most Arabic countries. No matter what Arabic dialect people speak they will be able to understand standard Arabic. Here at fluent Arabi, we recommend MSA for business purposes.

If you have any questions don’t hesitate to contact us at the chat functions you can find below.

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