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Best Egyptian Arabic Course / Egyptian arabic dialect course online

egyptian colloquial online course or best egyptian arabic course is suitable for students who want to travel to Egypt for any reason, like studying in Al Azhar or making business, or even for travel and being introduced to a new culture. So, we need to learn Egyptian Arabic dialect course online.

What is the Egyptian dialect of Arabic called?

Egyptian dialect is also called Masri (مصرية) and is classified as one of the easiest dialects in the Arab world, compared to other Arab dialects, so you’ll not find any difficulty in acquiring it.

Egyptian arabic lessons online consists of three standards: Beginners, intermediate, advanced, and suitable for both children and adults who exceed 6 years.

How do I learn Masri?

The teachers are Egyptian speakers and will teach you everything about the Egyptian dialect, Grammar, and common idioms. So, you can practice the Egyptian dialect fluently in your daily life in Egypt.

The approach of the Best Egyptian Arabic Course online

The curriculum used in egypt arabic language course is the book of Kallimni Arabi or Kallimni ‘Arabi fi Kull Haaga beside other materials such as videos, IQ boards, educational cards, and other methods that make the learning process stimulating.

The duration of the Egyptian Arabic Dialect Course

The period of the program for each level is about 150 hours, which differs depending on the student’s acquisition capacity, language background, and how much he/she is passionate about learning the Arabic language level.

We recommend students to study Arabic (3-5 times each week) and take Master’s reading and writing in Arabic courses before, so the learning journey becomes easier.

Advantages of Egyptian colloquial course

learn Egyptian Arabic online course dedicated to people who want to learn spoken Egyptian Arabic only It’s a fully online course designed to teach you Egyptian dialect phrases with the help of native, Egyptian teachers.

They will make you familiar with the Egyptian Arabic dialect using examples and vocabulary extracted from day-to-day conversations.

Egyptian Arabic Dialect Course structure

You’ll learn Egyptian Arabic phrases (they’re only limited to Egyptian people) like انت منين (where are you in English) and بلدك فين (where is your country in English).

You’ll learn many grammatical rules in the Egyptian dialect, for example, the word بتاع is used as a pronoun, for example, بتاع البيت which means this thing belongs to the house. You’ll be familiar with the Egyptian dialect in a short period of time.

To give you more clarity about what awaits you, Here’s a list of Egyptian idioms you’ll learn in this course. ده كتابي عندك إيه تيجي نسافر تطلب إيه؟. عايز/ عايزة إيه؟. إوعى خللي بالك أنا عيّان كل قد إيه؟ لازم شقتي الجديدة العيل

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Frequently asked questions about this course

Egyptian Arabic is also known as Egyptian colloquial Arabic: العامية المصرية or simply Masri, and it differs from modern standard Arabic or local dialects since it originated in Egypt and is only limited to the Egyptian people. Arabs use colloquial Egyptian in their daily lives.

 Arabic is quickly becoming a valuable business skill, as well as an excellent language to learn for personal development. Students interested in learning Arabic can take Egyptian Colloquial Arabic lessons taught by Arabic-speaking teachers online at Fluent Arabi Institute.

Egyptian Arabic is also the most widely-spoken dialect in the Arab world, and the majority of Arabs understand it. Egypt has the most Arabic speakers with approximately 90 million people. As a result, Egyptian Arabic is the most widely spoken Arabic dialect in the Arab world.

For many reasons, the Egyptian dialect is the best to begin learning with since it’s very common and understandable among Arabs, meaning if you want to travel around the Arab region and speak the Egyptian dialect, people will understand you more than if you speak another dialect. Also, Egypt is a cultural center for all Arabs. It’s the first Arab country in terms of producing music, films, and TV series, and knowing it is a key to exploring the Arab culture. Colloquial Arabic is the most widely spoken Arabic dialect in the Arab world.

Not at all. As we said before, the Egyptian dialect is the easiest to understand in the Arab world. It’s very funny and easy to pronounce for foreign tongues since most of the letters are light and smooth. The Egyptian dialect aims to speak Egyptian Arabic, and thus understand the words of the Egyptian people.

Learning an Arabic dialect is something you will always be proud of. Think of dialect as a mountain to climb. The hike is strenuous, but the view from the top is worth every drop of sweat along the way.

It depends on every person’s acquisition, but we assume for an average student, it can take from 3 to 1 year to reach a modest level and 3 years and beyond to speak it like a native speaker.

Continuity and patience are the keys to mastering any skill for the learner, especially language learning. What distinguishes our institution is that the teachers speak Arabic as native speakers of their mother tongue.

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Immerse yourself in the Egyptian dialect. Listen to Egyptian music, TV series, movies, and talk shows, but you’ll find some difficulty in getting an Egyptian dictionary for all the words you may stumble through during watching. An online course designed to teach the Egyptian Arabic dialect by using examples and vocabulary.

So, we recommend you take our Egyptian Arabic Dialect Course with Fluent Arabi and let some of the highest-graded, Egyptian teachers in Egypt introduce you to a journey to one of the easiest, and most interesting dialects of all. Start the journey and do not hesitate to arm yourself with patience and continuity until you reach your desired goal and trust that our teachers can take your hand to the path of mastery.

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