Design your course

design your own online course

This course allows you to design your curriculum. This course is suitable for you If you are interested in studying any field in Arabic:

management, medicine, Sharia, law, the Prophet’s biography, poetic texts, Islamic history, literature, politics, or economics.

Also, if you want to develop a specific skill in the Arabic language (reading, writing, listening, speaking)

or even learn certain Specific things not mentioned in any other course.

Contact us in a message and tell us about your needs. Then, our team will weave this course specifically for you.

The approach of the course:

The team will send your imaginative perspective about the course to a specialized teacher, who’ll modify its content in a way

that meets your expectations. The teacher also will make up educational materials such as videos, photos, flashcards,

and games, determine the appropriate duration of the course and weekly module hours, and ensure all is suitable for you.


Frequently asked questions about this course

Facilitating the student to find qualified specialists and teachers to help him explain the course, books, or curriculum that the student chooses and wants to study. The student gains two benefits at the same time:

So the competent teacher and the curriculum that he designed or chose himself and needs to learn, so he saves time and effort during his education online, and this is one of the advantages of online education.

Giving the student the opportunity to learn and study whatever he wants gives the student the love of knowledge to strive to learn, as our great religion urged us to seek knowledge and its importance in our lives.

The student is the one who designs the course he needs or the curriculum he wants to study, whether it is a university book, whether it is specific to any branch of the Arabic language, the Qur’an, jurisprudence, Sharia, or other legal sciences in which the student needs help from a specialist in order to explain the curriculum or books he wants to study.

The curriculum chosen by the student himself gives the student more motivation to learn and strive to master this course, which he chose himself in order to learn and excel in it.

The accuracy in punctuality; student commitment to the time of classes; and continuous follow-up from the teacher to the student.

Follow up and motivate the student until he reaches a high degree of mastery of the course.

Use modern auxiliary methods and everything that serves the student until he reaches a degree of efficiency and effectiveness for the student within the class and it becomes enjoyable for the student.

This depends on the level and skills of the student, but our Fluent Arabi institute is trying hard to provide the maximum time to complete the course in high quality with qualified teachers with long experience who are able to accommodate all students of different levels, nationalities, and skills until they reach their goal.

Start your learning journey and contact us as soon as possible. Don’t hesitate.