Islamic knowledge for kid

islamic knowledge for kid

Our Islamic Knowledge for Kids course is designed to provide an engaging and interactive learning experience for children. With expert instruction, fun materials, and flexible schedules, our course is the perfect way to instill a love of Islamic knowledge in your child. From Quranic studies to Islamic values and ethics, our curriculum covers a wide range of topics to help your child grow spiritually and intellectually. Enroll your child now and give them the gift of Islamic education!

The necessity of bringing up a child with a religious upbringing:

A child’s heart is a jewel capable of every engraving.

And Islamic education means taking care of the upbringing of the child and preparing him to reach a high rank.

The child is received in an environment in which he needs an educator to convey to him the issues that shape his behavior in life, passing through two stages (education and discipline), which start from the Qur’an and the Sunnah, where understanding and adoption of the Qur’an and Sunnah is always formed.

Having a good role model is one of The foundations upon which the Islamic approach is based on the proper upbringing of the child, each stage he needs it. The human being is a social being affected by society, he needs it at home, school, and society, so it is the best way to raise a child and establish principles in the hearts of children.

The child learns several manners and morals within the family, including the etiquette of eating and drinking, taking care of his clothes and their cleanliness, obeying his parents and teachers, and others.

We know that it’s a struggle to raise your child and instill the instructions of Islam in his mind while living in a Non-Islamic country. So, we designed Islamic knowledge for kids to teach kids the basics of Islam in an interactive way, regarding simplicity in conveying our lessons. So, your child won’t find any obstacles in absorbing the meaning of his religion.


Frequently asked questions about this course

Our Fluent Arabi institute is dedicated to a specific curriculum in the course with special goals that fit with the course for children in a way that suits the children in terms of age and to facilitate the information for them to reach easily and in an enjoyable way and with high methods and techniques that the teacher uses in the explanation to deliver the information, and

the book used in this course is I love Islam, which is a series consisting of 6 parts.

The course draws the map for your kids to:

Begin with an introduction to Islam and basic Islamic knowledge for students.

Learn the basics of Aqidah: Monotheism(Tawheed), who is Allah and his most beautiful names and why Muslims believe in him, who are angels, massage, prophets, and the reckoning day.

Learn the stories of prophets, including the biography of Mohamed’s life and the events he came through like migration to Madinah, and the battles of Badr and Uhud. The purpose is to conclude sermons and lessons from those stories.

Recognize the five pillars of Islam by referring to their significant position in Muslim life: the declaration of faith (shahada), Islamic prayer (salah), obligatory charity (zakat), Islamic fasting (sawm), and Islamic pilgrimage (hajj).

Distinguish between halal and haram(allowed and forbidden) in Quran and what are the forbidden deeds.

Absorb the Islamic manners, morals, and ethics like truth, honesty, respecting parents, not gossiping, and asking Allah for knowledge. We do so by extracting quranic verses and Hadith that galvanize Muslims to do it.

Practice Islamic activities for kids.


By the end of this course, the kid will be able to:

  • Recognize what is Islam in simple words, who is Allah for kids.
  • Know basic Islamic knowledge of the five pillars – the declaration of faith (shahada), Islamic prayer (salah), obligatory charity (zakat), Islamic fasting (sawm), and Islamic pilgrimage (hajj), and the basics of Aqidah(Islamic creed).
  • Be aware of Islamic manners and morals.
  • Identify the stories of prophets.

The course is suitable for any age from 6-18 years. And it’s recommended to dedicate 2-3 times to studying this course.

This depends on the student’s level, age, skills, the extent of his acquisition of information, his interaction with the teacher in the class, and following the teacher’s teachings until he reaches the required degree of mastery in the course. The most important thing in our Fluent Arabi institute is mastery of the curriculum that will be studied for the student and continuous follow-up to it until it reaches its desired goal.

The advantages of this course:

An interactive environment that stimulates kids to learn amusingly.

Delivering information easily and smoothly, using the recent engaging ways, modern techniques, and tools that the teacher uses during the lesson until the student reaches the required level.

Learn from native speakers who graduated from Al-Azhar and are qualified. The student’s interaction with a teacher whose mother tongue is Arabic makes the student benefit and achievement of the required curriculum.

Step-by-step, simple teaching approach with monthly reports and a final certificate after completing the course. The teacher takes into account the age and skills of the student and works to constantly improve his level for the better.