Learn Modern Standard Arabic Online course for Adults

learn modern standard arabic online

This course Modern Standard Arabic is the official language and integrated since it focuses on teaching the four basic skills of the Arabic language which are Listening, speaking, reading, and writing equally along with Grammar and linguistic expressions.

Thus, it helps you develop your four skills through regular exercises and practice of the modern standard Arabic language. Also, speaking directly with your teacher will help you improve your pronunciation and recognize your mistakes.

The approach of modern standard Arabic course online (msa)

In this Arabic and modern course, the students entitled to choose the curriculum he wants to study according to his level, goal, and desire

The educational materials include” Arabic between your hands” and the book “Al-Madina, Get way to Arabic in addition to videos, IQ boards, educational cards, and other methods that make the learning process stimulating.

At the end of this course, The student should be able to articulate his thoughts fluently and describe his family, job, country, social life, and country culture.

He also gets a deep understanding of Arabic culture and traditions.

Modern Standard Arabic for adults course structure

Fluent Arabic offers one of the best modern standard Arabic courses, divided into three levels beginners, intermediate, and advance You can enroll in each of them according to your current level.

The first level of arabic and modern standard online course

At this level, you’ll learn modern standard Arabic grammar and vocabulary at A basic level, bodies being exposed to many standard Arabic examples about those topics:
Greetings Family Accommodation Everyday life
Food and drinks Prayer Study Work
shopping Weather Hobbies People and places
Travel Hajj and Umrah Health Vacation
Grammar subjects you’ll learn modern standard Arabic include
Demonstrative pronouns هذا ، هذه Questions items Separate Nominative Pronouns Attached Nominative Pronouns
Masculine and feminine Propositions Numbers (1: 10) with Tamyeez Adjectives
mudaf and mudaf ilaihi Prohibition Imperative Mubtuda and khabar
Types of khabar Arabic Verbs with Attached Pronouns (present tense) Negation with ما، لا Muthana I’raab

The second level

The topics in this level include:
Healthcare Recreation Marriage . City life
Knowledge and learning Occupations Arabic language Prizes
Globalization Hygiene Islam Youth
The Islamic world Security Pollution Energy
Grammar subjects you’ll learn include
Tense in Arabic Nouns Nominative and verbal sentences Verbs types
Subject and objects kan wa akhawatuha Jazam particles for present tense Adjectives
Ataf particles Feminine signs Nasb particles for present tense Imperative
definite and indefinite Lazim and Muta’addi verbs The ‘Five Names Inna wa akhwatuha

The third level:

The topics in this level include:
Our minorities in the world Juha and his clothes Sleep disorders
Teenagers Muslim minority in the West The story of the Quran
The story of Hadith Children are reading Good night, good day
Brain immigration to the West Anecdotes A day in the life of a young man
  Grammar subjects you’ll learn include
Kan and her sisters Types of khabar conditional words
fa jawab syarat naib fail Muta’addi verbs
Badal Tawkeed Diptotes/Mamnuu3 min al-Sarf
zan w her sisters conditional words that don’t jazam Khabar before Mubtada

The duration of the Modern Standard Arabic for adults course

This program consists of three levels. Each takes about 6 months.

This period differs depending on the student’s acquisition capacity, language background, and how much he/she is passionate about learning the Arabic language. We advise the student in this program to dedicate (3: 5) times a week to studying Arabic until he\she masters it.


Frequently asked questions about this course

Modern Standard Arabic is used in all formal settings, like news broadcasting, educational books, seminars, sermons, literature, and journalism. However, it tends to be a medium for written communication, not an oral one. So learning modern standard Arabic is beneficial in these fields.

Modern Standard Arabic (MSA), also called Al-Arabiya, Al-Fusha, and Literary Arabic, is the modern standard language based on Classical Arabic, the language of the Qur’an and early Islamic literature. Modern Standard Arabic is one of the official six languages of the United Nations. It is the official or co-official language of Algeria, Bahrain, Chad, Djibouti, Egypt, Jordan, Kuwait, Lebanon, Libya, Morocco, Oman, Palestinian West Bank and Gaza, Qatar, Somalia, Sudan, Syria, Tunisia, Mauritania, United Arab Emirates, and Yemen. It is used in formal speaking situations, such as sermons, lectures, news broadcasts, and speeches, and in all formal writing such as official correspondence, literature, and newspapers.

We can’t make a sound judgment as Arabic standards have a strong presence in the various dialects that emerged in the Arab world. But many consider that the khaleeji The dialect is the closest to MSA. It has fewer loan words from other languages – such as Persian, French, English, Hebrew – than the other dialects.

Most people think learning Arabic vocabulary is easy, However, learning Arabic grammar is a little bit harder and more complex. However, learning with a proficient, native teacher will help you a lot and make such a journey way easier to enjoy while learning modern standard Arabic through examples and modern means to deliver information more easily. Qualified teachers are able to make the difficult easy by training and continuing to follow the student until he reaches his desired goal. The class will be interesting and enjoyable for the student, and the student’s level will develop from a beginner to a master, Allah willing.

So why do you wait?!

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