How to Memorize juz Amma course | juz amma to memorize quran

memorize juz amma course

This course is suitable for children or adults who completed (How to read Quran) Or the Noor Al-Bayan course.

The aim of this course:

is to help the student completely memorize juz Amma so that he can pray in a correct manner.

The method used in the course:

is the frequent repetition until the student memorizes the juz Amma, then he’ll obtain a completion certificate for this part, that qualifies him/her to join any other courses such as memorization of the Holy Quran.

Memorize juz Amma | juz amma to memorize quran

memorizing  juz amma is a childrens educational application tool to memorize the surahs and complet reading all of juz amma, used as a tool to memorize and test your ability to memorize the koran especially juz amma.


Frequently asked questions about this course

Non-Arabic-speaking Muslims are interested in teaching their children the Holy Qur’an in European countries.

Be careful memorize and test your ability  to memorize the koran especially Juz Amma; Because it gives a sense of achievement and raises the spirit, especially in young people or weak in energy because memorize surahs at the end of the juz are short, more numerous, and less difficult.

many students have a glimpse of them through textbooks, so the student feels that he has accomplished and memorized a large number of surahs which urges him to continue, and the desire to memorize more.

Memorize the Quran is important; In an effort to divert determination towards memorizing the Holy Qur’an, contemplating its verses, and not being preoccupied with the world, its pleasures, and its distractions. The memorizer of the Qur’an must adhere to what he has memorized, repeat it, and review it constantly, and he must study and reflect on the verses of the Holy Qur’an. In order not to lose it.

So need continue memorize the surahs in juz and recite the last juz.

Among the fruits of memorizing the Holy Qur’an in the breasts are: drawing closer to Allah- the Most High – and obtaining His approval, winning Paradise, arming himself with his verses in the face of Satan, controlling the whims of the soul, in addition to straightening the tongue, achieving eloquence in the Arabic language, and facilitating the recitation of its verses in every place and time.  such as reading the Qur’an while working and earning; Preoccupation with worldly matters does not hinder the memorizer of the Noble Qur’an from reading, unlike those who want to read directly from the Qur’an.

The importance and virtues of the Holy Qur’an:

1- Knowing Allah’s Names and Attributes.

2- being aware of legal rulings.

3- Arranging a great reward.

4- Increasing faith.

 5- Strengthening the Arabic language.

6-Wearing the crown of nobility: “The one who memorized the Qur’an shall come on the Day of Judgement and (the reward for reciting the Qur’an) says: ‘O Lord! Decorate him.” So he is donned with a crown of nobility. Then it says: “O Lord! Give him more!’ So he is donned with a suit of nobility. Then it says: “O Lord! Be pleased with him.’ So He is pleased with him and says: “Recite and rise up and be increased in reward with every Ayah”.

7-The people of the Qur’an are among the people of Allah Almighty.

8-Obtaining guidance from Allah Almighty.

9-Allah’s mercy envelops them, Sakinah, or tranquillity descends upon them and Allah makes a mention of them before those who are near Him.

The Qur’an is split into 30 sections (Juz) and 114 chapters (Surah). The final section and the last juz, Juz 30 or Juz Amma, contains 37 chapters.

Qur’an memorization planner:

The teacher divides memorizing the surahs weekly for the student.

Juz Amma Surah List:

An-Naba: The tidings (40 verses)

An-Naziat: Those who drag forth (46 verses)

Abasa: He Frowned (42 verses)

At-Takwir: The Overthrowing (29 verses)

AL-Infitar: The Cleaving (19 verses)

Al-Mutaffifin: Defrauding (36 verses)

Al-Inshiqaq: The Sundering, Splitting Open (25 verses)

Al-Burooj: The Mansions of the stars (22 verses)

At-Tariq: The morning star (17 verses)

Al-Ala: The Most High (19 verses)

Al-Ghashiya: The Overwhelming (26 verses)

Al-Fajr: The Dawn (30 verses)

Al-Balad: The City (20 verses)

Ash-Shams: The Sun (15 verses)

Al-Lail: The night (21 verses)

Ad-Dhuha: The morning hours (11 verses)

Al-Inshirah: Solace (8 verses)

At-Tin: The Fig (8 verses)

Al-Alaq: The Clot (19 verses)

Al-Qadr: The Power (5 verses)

Al-Bayyinah: The Clear proof (8 verses)

Al-Zalzala: The earthquake (8 verses)

Al-Adiyat: The Chargers (11 verses)

Al-Qaria: The Calamity (11 verses)

At-Takathur: Competition (8 verses)

Al-Asr: The declining day (3 verses)

Al-Humaza: The Traducer (9 verses)

Al-Fil: The Elephant (5 verses)

Quraish: Quraish (4 verses)

Al-Maun: Alms Giving (7 verses)

Al-Kauther: Abundance (3 verses)

Al-Kafiroon: The Disbelievers (6 verses)

An-Nasr: The Succor (3 verses)

Al-Masadd: The Flame (5 verses)

Al-Ikhlas: Absoluteness (4 verses)

Al-Falaq: The daybreak (5 verses)

An-Nas: The mankind (6 verses)

Fluent Arabi Institute is the best Quran hifz school:

Helping the students to memorize juz Amma so that he can pray with a correct recitation.

The method is used in the course Hifz Course Online:

The frequent repetition until the student memorizes the juz Amma, then he’ll obtain a completion certificate for this part, that qualifies him/her to join any other courses such as memorization of the Holy Quran.

It should be noted that everyone who has memorized the Noble Qur’an, or any surah from it, must review it on an ongoing basis; So, the verses that he memorized are not forgotten. So, the Prophet(PBUH) says: Keep refreshing your knowledge of the Qur’an, for I swear by Him in Whose Hand is the life of Muhammad that it is more liable to escape than camels which are hobbled.

By the end of this course, the student will be able to do the following:

Memorize successfully juz Amma with tajweed

Recite each ayat in all Surahs of juz Amma correctly during praying a day.

And after passing this course successfully, you will obtain a certificate.

And then you can join with a memorization course.

The memorization course is suitable for kids and adults (aged four years and above).

Memorization classes are suitable for kids & adults who completed (Learn how to read Quran) Or the Noor El-Bayan course.

The duration of the “ Memorize juz Amma” course:

According to the skills, age, and language of the student. And we recommended students 3-7 times weekly.

To begin hifz memorizing Quran at home easily, you should start by setting a realistic goal and schedule for yourself. Break the Quran into manageable portions and review regularly. It’s important to read and listen to the Quran regularly, and to seek guidance from an experienced teacher or mentor. Additionally, create a conducive environment for memorization, and use memorization techniques such as repetition and visualization. Consistency, dedication, and patience are key to successfully memorizing the Quran at home.

Let’s start the journey now and get a free trial to memorize juz amma course.