Quranic Arabic Course Online

quranic arabic course online

Learning Quranic Arabic is essential for a deeper understanding of the Quran, but it can be challenging to find quality resources and instruction. That’s why our online Quranic Arabic course is the perfect solution, offering comprehensive lessons and expert guidance from experienced instructors. Whether you’re a beginner or looking to improve your existing skills, our course is designed to help you achieve your Quranic goals. Join us now and embark on a journey of Quranic discovery!

Do you feel difficulty in understanding Quran in the Arabic language passionately?

Why Learn Quranic Arabic online course?

Learning the Arabic language is essential for all Muslims seeking to learn the Holy Quran

So the Quranic Arabic courses online provided by Fluent Arabi will help you understand and learn Quran arabic to the degree you feel the beauty of its language and understand the wonderful meanings of the most common words and their morphology.

learn fusha Arabic and Islamic studies and classical Quranic Arabic lessons online.

No need to read its translation in English or other versions

You’ll understand the language of the Quran from the source directly!

Since our online Quran Arabic classes for beginners integrated program will help you understand Quranic vocabulary, interpretation of the verses, and grammar rules

So, you’ll never find any issues in understanding Quran in Arabic

Prerequisites for enrolling in Quranic Arabic course Online:

The student should have studied the Nour-Elbayan book before and can read the Quran and Arabic language skills.

Muslims who want to learn quranic and classical quranic language classes online and arabic reading online.

The approach to the Arabic Quran classes online:

In the online quranic Arabic course, Our teacher will you’ll teach you Morphological and grammatical rules in verses and Quranic subjects and vocabulary words.

 Using Imam Saud series, and citing many examples of Quran verses with a full explanation, and learn online quranic Arabic language.

The duration to learn Quranic Arabic classes online course

This program consists of three levels. Each takes about 6 months. This period differs depending on the student’s acquisition capacity, language background, and how much he/she is passionate about learning the Arabic language.

We advise the students in this program to dedicate (3: 5) times a week to studying Arabic until he\she masters it.

What will You learn in the quranic Arabic language course:

This course is divided into four key axes:

1) Explanation of the verses in the Quran: interpretation, meaning, vocabulary, etc

Ex: surah fatha, surah al asr, surah An-Nas, surah Al-Alaq, surah At-Tariq, surah Al Imran (48 surahs are included in this course)

2) Explanation of Arabic Quranic subjects from Arabic texts

Those subjects such as altruism, Haram months, Imam Shafi, immigration to Yathrib, the conquest of Mecca, and Quran miracles.

3) Explanation of grammatical rules

Ex:  Mubutuda and Khabar, singular, Muthuna, plural, masculine and feminine pronouns,  nominative, accusative sentences, etc.

4) Explanation of morphological rules

This branch of Arabic is interested in the roots of the word and its derivation. For example, the word ميعاد in Quran is ism makan from the word وعد..


Frequently asked questions about this course

Quran Arabic isn’t spoken except for Quran recitation or citing Quran verses. However, studying it is essential for anyone seeking to learn Islam

or develop his knowledge of Islamic teachings and essence. 

Quranic Arabic is understandable for people at the advanced level of Arabic proficiency but below this level, the student will face difficulty in understanding.  For this reason, we advise students to pass the modern standard for Arabic course before enrolling in this course. If you are sure  

It depends on many factors, such as your learning capacity and which level you want to reach. For an average person, it takes him about 5-6 years to reach a full understanding of the Quran but it can take less if you limited your study to specific topics.

You can learn Quran interpretation and Quranic Arabic books or listen to Youtube channels interested in learning quranic Arabic online. However, if you want to learn in an organized, interactive environment, we recommend you to take the Quranic Arabic online classes offered by FluentArabi.

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