Fluent Arabi is a professional team of teachers, programmers, designers, and academic experts who have a deep-rooted passion and experience in teaching Arabic. Our mission is to help students from over the world achieve their learning goals by teaching Arabic interestingly and interactively.

How can I register for this program?

For registering in our program, you have to fill in your information in the application form. Then, our team will contact you by e-mail or WhatsApp in 24 hours to schedule a trial session that will help you evaluate our service.

It charges zero cost. Also, you don’t have to disclose any information about your credit card. If you love the trial session, you can subscribe to any course you prefer. 

What are the qualifications of fluent Arabi Teachers?

All of our teachers are hand-picked. They graduated from Al-Azhar University, Arabic studies colleges, and Islamic departments and were armed with a long experience in teaching Arabic, Quran, and Islamic studies to non-native speakers.

Also, they adopt the recent approaches in education and integrate technological methods, educational games, and personality character models for creating an interactive and custom curriculum that stimulates students to learn.

What is the cost of your services?

Please, refer to the Price page.

What do I need to get started?

All you need is a mobile phone or PC with a solid internet connection and headphones to listen and speak. Also, you should have access to the Zoom app.

Do I’ve to pay the cost of the trial session if I start regular classes? No. The trial session is free. Also, you don’t have to enter any information about your credit card to enroll in this session.

What are your offers?

Other than getting all of our courses at a price less than competitors, you can win 4 sessions in any of our courses for free if you invite any of your connections to enroll in our courses.

What are payment options?

You have many options to pay by, including PayPal, Master card, visa card, western union, money gram, and direct bank transfer.

What is the difference between fluent Arabi and other websites?

We have an experienced team of male and female teachers and offer an interactive educational environment for you or your kids for learning. Our support team is ready 24 hours to answer all of your concerns. Also, our prices are affordable for students.

How long will it take to learn the Quran, Arabic, or Islamic studies?

There is no fixed period since it depends on the student’s acquisition capacity, the hours he dedicates weekly for studying, and his current level.

In general, there are three basic levels for Arabic courses: Beginner, intermediate, and advanced. Each is divided into three sub-levels. After that, the student can take the fourth level to reach fluency and speak like a native. Also, there is level Zero where the student is introduced to the Arabic language and learns the Arabic Alphabet and movements/ Harakat.

The Quranic courses consist of four levels. In the first one, the student learns the basics of Tajweed and goes deeper till he can recite Quran fluently regarding tajweed rules.

Can I rate or change the teacher of the course?

All teachers have broad teaching expertise and are picked according to high standards. However, you can change the teacher if you want. Just send us a message on: WhatsApp number:+441442780647. or contact us at info@fluentarabi.com.

Do you have educational course materials?

Yes, we have educational curricula for teaching the Quran, Arabic Language, and Islamic studies. After enrolling in our courses, you’ll get access to the course curriculum and educational materials.

Can I contact the teacher of this course privately?

Unfortunately, private messages aren’t available, but for any issue, you can contact us through WhatsApp on:+441442780647  or email us at: support@fluentarabi.com

Do you offer classes for children? And when does the child start studying?

Yes, we have a course designed for children and the minimum age for children to study is four years old.

What happens if I come late to the course lessons?

You can attend late, but the time you missed isn’t deducted from the time of the course. So, try to attend on time.

What happens if the teacher comes late or is absent?

All teachers are committed to attending on time. But in the event the teacher comes late, he’s obliged to compensate this time he misses you. In the rare cases where the teacher is absent, our team will inform you beforehand, and the lesson is compensated another time or delayed to the end of the course.

What happens if there is a technical problem during the lesson?

Contact us via WhatsApp number or email and our support team will solve the problem.

What’s your money refunding policy?

If the student isn’t satisfied with the service for a specific reason, our support team will give him/her some options like changing the schedule of the teacher- and providing all the comforts for the learner.

But if the student wants to quit the course ultimately, he is entitled to recover the remaining subscription fees after deducting the fees of the attended lessons.

For more information, contact us on:

Our website: fluentarabi.com.

Our email: info@fluentarabi.com.

Our WhatsApp:+441442780647.