Free Trial class:

We offer two trial sessions for free for all new students. It takes 30 minutes. And If the student isn’t satisfied with the teacher’s performance in the first trial session, he can enroll in the second trial session with another teacher.

After testing our service, you are free to enroll in the premium courses. Note: you have to pay the course fees before getting access to the syllables.

Fees payment:

You can pay course fees in advance at the beginning of each month or after subscribing to the three-month offer or six-month offer.

Terms of service usage

Those points highlight the terms of use for our services.

The cancellation rules:

If the student wants to cancel the lesson, he must contact us via WhatsApp number to confirm the cancellation at least 6 hours before the lesson starts. So, we can compensate for this lesson another time.

If the student cancels the lesson before its start by less than 6 hours, the lesson isn’t compensated.

Exceptions to this rule are students who have emergency circumstances like illness, or the death of a member of the family. We do our best to help them and the lessons are compensated.

If the student does not attend the class on time and doesn’t inform the management about his/her absence 6 hours before the lesson, the class is not compensated for a second time.

If the student wants a specific leave, he must contact the management via WhatsApp:+441442780647.  or email: support@fluentarabi.com.

The cancellation times shouldn’t exceed more than 25% of the total lessons. For example: If the student studies 8 hours per month, he is entitled to cancel twice only and those lessons will be compensated.

If he exceeds the limited times, he will not be compensated. This rule is set for preserving the teacher’s schedule.

The attendance rules:

Both the student and the teacher must attend lessons on time. And any study hours left from the previous courses will be added to the beginning of the new course as “Compensatory Sessions”.

Rules of attending the course:

You must install zoom cloud meetings on your device (desktop, tablet, phone, And log in with your account before the beginning of the first lesson. The administration will send you the details of your personal account you should log in to.

After logging in with your personal account, you will receive a contact request link from the teacher’s account, please accept the contact before the start of the first lesson

In the next lessons, the teacher will contact you directly on the scheduled date for the lesson – you will not need a Zoom link again.


If you are logged into Zoom with your personal account, you will never receive a request from the teacher. Please log in with your account offered by the Academy.

Once you approve your lessons and confirm the schedule, you will receive an email from us with confirmation and a payment schedule with invoices issued every 28 days.

Our gifts and offers:

Fluent Arabic offers 4 free classes for any student inviting someone to join our courses. Communicate to us on our number on WhatsApp: +441442780647 after recommending a student to join our academy.

Also, Parents with more than a child can pay for only one without paying extra fees for the rest of the children. And parents who have an only one child can subscribe as one person with no additional cost

Payment policy:

The student should pay for the course after enrolling in the trial session ( the first lesson in the course) to have access to all the course syllables The student should subscribe periodically for continuing any course before the end of the current course by 5 days, so he can continue the course without interruption.  

Public holidays:

We have only two Eids in Islam, Eid al-Fitr, and Eid al-Adha. The Eid al-Adha vacation is 5 days, while the Eid al-Fitr vacation is only 3 days. Please, note: the lessons during this period will not be compensated again and it will be a gift given to the teacher.