why Choose us

Native, qualified teachers

Have an opportunity to study with female and male native teachers graduated from Al-Azhar University and Arabic and Islamic studies departments.

24/7 technical support

No response delay. Our support team is around-the-clock ready to answer all your concerns and solve your technical issues.

Get certified after each course/level

Have a certificate after completing each level and a final certification for completing the whole course.

100% Money back guarantee

No need to complete the course when not satisfied. We promise to repay back your money after deducting the cost of the part of course you had.

Monthly performance reports

That helps you keep a track on your child’s progress and discern all his strengths and cons and how to treat them.

regular quizzes and tests

Tests are the best tool for examining and grading your level. In fluent Arabi, you have four quizzes for evaluating your progress and qualifying you to obtain the final certificate.

Private and small groups

Depending on your particular desires, you can study alone or with small groups, usually consisting of three or five members. You can choose to study with your family or friends as well.

Interactive learning atmosphere

Scale up your skills in an integrated and engaging environment. Our teachers are masterful in stimulating students to learn, using educational games, videos, IQ boards among other engaging tools.

Special offers

Fluent Arabi has an offer for you. Share our courses with your connections and get 4 sessions in any of our courses for free

Two trial sessions

Paying money to measure the quality of our courses isn't an easy decision. We offer you trial sessions for free to evaluate us before navigating the complete course.

Tailored and various courses

Whether you immerse in studying Arabic language or the Holy Quran. You can pick out the courses you love in each group. We customize all courses to suit your particular needs.

For children and adults

Our courses are designed to fit any age from 4 to 70. And you can see many of our them are customized for only kids.